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Sajna Kal Maine Dekha Ek Sapna - Asha Bhosle - Badi Didi - Jeetendra, Nanda Video

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Suren was a brilliant scholar of the University. His success in Mathematics in the final examination brought him fresh laurels and a hoast admirers. They all advised him to go to England for higher studies, but his parents could not hink of it. His step-mother was definetly against it. She had her own ideas about Suren. To her, Suren was no better than a child, was sadly lacking in the intiative of the adult and was too weak to adapt himself to the normal routine of life. His step-mothers will prevailed. Disappointed at this decision and encouraged by his friends to seek for himself his own fortune, he lefthome. . He really ran away from his home at Patna and came to Calcutta. In the city he found himself absoulutely stranded. Fate however helped him to get in touch with affluent land holder-a widower with two daughters. The elder daughter Madhvi was young widow and the younger Primla was only a child. Suren gota a job as tutor to the little girl His helplessness, so well, known to his step-mother, was soon noticed by the mistress of the household-Madhvi. . To Madhvi, who after the death of her husband, was living with her parents, Suren became imperceptibly an object of sympathy. Madhvi, young, affectionate and intelligent as she was, could at once understand Suren. She started bestowing on him some amount of tender care. As time passed, Madhvi unknown to herself, found in her heart of a soft corner for Suren. The domestic are, usually so cute-they noticed it and started gossiping. Madhvi had also written to her friend Manorama, unwittingly, a lot about Suren. From these letters Manorama senses clearly the weakness Madhvi had for Suren. She wrote back to Madhvi, warning her very plainly. This indeed was a revealation to her. She went to Benares to forget Suren. Suren missed Madhvi. He go to Primla to write Madhvi asking her to come back. Madhvi come back. . The inner apartment of the household, were as a rule inaccesible to Suren but he broke the barries of convention, in his enthusiasm to approach Madhvi did not like to face facts this way. It was repulsive to her. She ordered him out of her apartments. Madhvi the tried to ascertain what progress her sister had made in her studies. What she found was entirely disappointing. Suren had neglected his duties as a tutor. Suren in fact had been absorbed in his own studies. Madhvi told Suren that he was no longer wanted. So Suren had to leave the house. . Soon after Suren left, he met with a street accident was removed to a hospital. Both Surens father and Madhvis were informed. They met a hospital. Madhvi came to know of it too and she knew more-Surens anticidents. Suren after recovery, went back to his people and out Madhvis life. . Five years rolled by.......... . In a distant Bengal village, Suren, a big Zamindar, was living happily with his beautiful and devoted wife Santi, but his thoughts were still with his Bari-didi. Santi knew it and at times felt jealous. Madhvi in the meanwhile, after the death of her father and marriage of her elder brother, had to come away and live in her deceased husbands place, which by a strange coincidence, was situated in a village within the Zamindary of Suren. . There was mismanagement and oppression by the officers of Surens estate. The tales of woe of the tenants reached Suren. He tried to help them to the best of his abilities. In course of investigation he came across patriculars of oppression on a certain Madhvi Devi-then discovered that this Madhvi was no other than his Bari-didi. Immediately, he set out on horse back for Madhvis village home, but on reaching found that Madhvi had already left, rendered homeless by its own men. He continued on foot. . The shock and strain told heavily to Suren. He had not really recovered from the effects of the internal injury, he had suffered from the street accident, years ago. . Running along the bank of river, he overtook Madhvis boat. It was painful meeting. Suren collapsed, with his head on Madhvis lap.

Narendra Suri
Producer:Narendra Suri
Main Cast:Jeetendra, Nanda, Om Prakash, Mehmood, Nasir Hussain, Raj Mehra, Jeevan, Dilip Raj, Aruna Irani, Padma Khanna, Ulhas, Leela Chitnis, Purnima, Amarnath, Baby Farida, Om Prakash, Mehmood, Nasir Hussain, Raj Mehra, Jeevan, Dilip Raj, Aruna Irani, Padma Khanna, Ulhas, Leela Chitnis, Purnima, Amarnath, Baby Farida
Banner:Aarchana Films

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Duration: 04 Minute, 35 Second
Rating: 4.23 - Very Good
Definition: HD
Published: 3 Years Ago
Author: SEPL Vintage

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