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King Lion Simba- Kids Series-episode 1 Video

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The King Lion is shot by poachers in the presence of his three cubs as part of the tiger's plot to overthrow the King Lion from his throne. Little Simba suspects something strange, and subconsciously feels that the Tiger will be his great enemy in the future. Simba and his two sisters are adopted by a wolf-pack (the same pack that has already raised Mowgly the man cub). The wolves and the other animals of the Jungle will teach them everything they need to know. Bimbo, an orphan fawn whose parents were also shot by poachers, will soon become Simba's best friend and companion, accompanying him both in adventure and reverie. Together, with the help of their friends, the duo will one day grow strong and wise so that Simba can sit atop the throne of the Jungle.
Duration: 27 Minute, 15 Second
Rating: 4.6 - Excellent
Definition: SD
Published: 3 Years Ago

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