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Behind That Curtain 1929 Full Movie Video

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Fox Film Corporation
Release Date : June 30, 1929
Running Time : 91 minutes
B & W - Mystery
Director : Irving Cummings
Cast : Warner Baxter. Lois Moran, E.L. Parks, Gilbert Emery, Claude King, Boris Karloff, Philip Stange

First Charlie Chan feature by Fox. Total number of Charlie Chan films are at approximately 50. Six of the films from the 1930's are considered lost, four of which feature Warner Oland as Chan. This first entry is the only Fox or Monogram Chan film to feature an Oriental ( Korean, E.L. Park ) in the role of the famous Chinese detective. Society woman Eve Mannering ( Moran ) realizes her husband is a murderer and philanderer, she flees with her real love, explorer Col. John Beetham ( Baxter ). Chan is called in to solve the mystery. Look for Karloff as Beetham's servant.

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Duration: 1 Hour, 30 Minute, 52 Second
Rating: 5
Definition: HD
Published: 3 Month Ago

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