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Mr. Bond - All White Paradise (coolio Gangstas Paradise Parody) Video

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[Verse 1: Happy Merchant]
As I globalize the world bringing terror and death
I have to make sure there's no rebellious Aryans left
‘Cause I've been lying and swindling so long
That even the shabbos goys think my mind is gone
Which makes them anti-semitic so they clearly deserve it
Me being easy on that, you know is unheard of
You better watch how you speaking and what you memeing
Or you and your family die in gulags, freezing
I hate to kvetch, but why am I persecuted so
As they croak, I see myself in the Auschwitz smoke
Foolish goy, I'm the true master race, always been on top
at night painting swastikas on my own synagogue

[Hook 1: Happy Merchant]
Let the Frankfurt School corrupt these Whites
make a happy merchant's paradise
push the six gorillion guilt on Whites
it's a happy merchant's paradise
our feminism breaks their family ties
make a happy merchant's paradise
have our media promote race-mixing Whites
it's a happy merchant's paradise

[Verse 2: Ahmed]
Look at my IQ, no education
will ever make me act white, I have to be raping
and terrorizing, for the caliphate
All this Jew television made the kaffir depraved
They are pussified fools only money on their mind
while I make a million children till their country is mine
Inbred goatfucker, Bastille Day trucker,
Rotherham, Cologne, Sweden white slut toucher
death is just one allah akbar away
If you don't submit to sharia, what can I say
grabbed a German girl pussy just yesterday
then I look at her boyfriend and he ran away

[Hook 2: Ahmed]
Allah why are these whites not fighting me,
even the ones we hurt still cry for peace

[Hook 2: Ahmed]
Europe's been turned by Israelites
into ficki ficki paradise
We have left behind our wives
to get to ficki ficki paradise
had sexytime with goats most our lives
now it's ficki ficki paradise
until we're enough to enslave these Whites
it's a ficki ficki paradise

[Verse 3: Hans]
Power and supremacy, slavery and showers
Minute after minute, hour after hour
Whiteness is racist, and should be done away with
A smile on my face but inside grows the hatred
They hand over everything we built to these black apes
and tell my boy in kindergarden he should get a sex change
I guess they can't, I guess they won't
ever stop pushing me; but now I'm pushing back and you're fucked, Jews!

[Hook 3: Hans]
we bought Shlomo's lies that being nice
would make a multi-culti paradise
instead we got fleeced and terrorized
in this afro-semite paradies
but they forgot deep inside each White
is yearning for a nazi paradies
so remove kebab and gas these kikes
and restore an all white paradies

[Hook 3: Hans]
Tell me why are heebs so blind to see
If you fuck with whites you get Zyklon B'd
Tell me why are heebs so blind to see
If you fuck with whites you get Zyklon B'd
Duration: 04 Minute, 52 Second
Rating: 4.71 - Excellent
Definition: SD
Published: 3 Month Ago

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