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Escape By Night 1937 Video

All credits go to their respective owners.
Directed by Hamilton MacFadden
Produced by Harold Shumate (associate producer)
Written by Harold Shumate (original screenplay)
William Hall as Nicholas 'Nick' Allen
Anne Nagel as Linda Adams
Dean Jagger as James 'Capper' Regan
Steffi Duna as Josephine 'Jo' Elliott
Ward Bond as Peter 'Spudsy' Baker
Murray Alper as Horace 'Red' Graham
Charles Waldron as Pop Adams
George Meeker as Fred Peters
Wallis Clark as District Attorney Baldwin
Arthur Aylesworth as Sheriff Charlie Thornton
Anthony Warde as Mike Grayson
Bill as Bill, the guide dog
Duration: 1 Hour, 04 Minute, 29 Second
Rating: 2.5
Definition: SD
Published: 4 Years Ago

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