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Two Step Video

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Having already lost his parents and been kicked to the curb by his college, James (Skyy Moore) turns up on his beloved grandmother’s Austin doorstep only to watch her pass away. His luck continues its tailspin when he gets mixed up with Webb (James Landry Hebert), a malicious con artist who’s been preying on local seniors. James may have been taken under the wing of a benevolent, straight-shooting neighbor (Beth Broderick) but not even a garrison of guardian angels could ward off Webb. Making the situation all the more perilous is the fact that Webb has a nemesis of his own: Duane (Jason Douglas), a crime lord who operates out of a corner store and has just delivered an ultimatum. A slow-burn, nerve-rattling thriller that shifts perspectives and delivers shocks.
Duration: 1 Hour, 35 Minute, 06 Second
Rating: 0
Definition: HD
Published: 11 Month Ago
Author: godigital

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