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The Informer (1929) Video

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Part-talkie British attempt at the classic play of an IRA job gone wrong and the fate of the man who informs on them. (remade in 1935 by director John Ford, starring Victor McLaglen)

Director - Arthur Robison

Lya De Putti - Katie Fox
Lars Hanson - Gypo Nolan
Warwick Ward - Dan Gallagher
Carl Harbord - Francis McPhillip
Dennis Wyndham - Murphy
Janice Adair - Bessie
Daisy Campbell - Mrs. McPhillip
Craighall Sherry. - Mulholland
Ellen Pollock - Prostitute
Johnny Butt - Publican
Ray Milland -Sharpshooter (uncredited)

I do not own the rights to this material.
Duration: 1 Hour, 22 Minute, 37 Second
Rating: 4.66 - Excellent
Definition: SD
Published: 5 Years Ago
Author: maj1216

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