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Nothing Sacred (1937) ~ Carole Lombard - Full Movie Video

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75 years ago today Carole Lombard was on a bond raising mission. She never made it back to her husband Clark Gable.
In tribute and in honor of the 75th anniversary of her tragic death (January 16, 1942) at age is Carole Lombard in the 1937 comedy classic color movie.. "Nothing Sacred". Carole enters the movie about 15 minutes in playing Hazell Flagg, a small town girl misdiagnosed with radium poisoning. Disgraced NY newspaperman Wally Cook (Fredric March) is sent to the town of Warsaw, Vermont, to interview Hazel. Cook finds Hazel, who is crying because her doctor has told her that she is not dying. Unaware of this, he invites her to New York as the guest of the Morning Star newspaper. She accepts the trip and is honored ...mistakenly. Some very funny and some touching scenes..a few faces you will recognize... and a good look at NY city 75 years ago. Links Below.

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American Technicolor
Cast -
Carole Lombard as Hazel Flagg. This was Lombard's only Technicolor film. She stated that this film was one of her personal favorites.
Fredric March as Wally Cook
Charles Winninger as Dr. Enoch Downer
Walter Connolly as Oliver Stone
Sig Ruman as Dr. Emil Eggelhoffer (as Sig Rumann)
Frank Fay as Master of Ceremonies
Troy Brown as Ernest Walker
Maxie Rosenbloom as Max Levinsky. A boxing world champion, Rosenbloom gave Lombard boxing lessons to prepare her for her fight scene with Fredric March.
Margaret Hamilton as Warsaw, Vermont Drugstore Lady
Hattie McDaniel as Mrs. Walker
Olin Howland as Will Bull
Raymond Scott as Musical Leader
Duration: 1 Hour, 13 Minute, 46 Second
Rating: 4.7 - Excellent
Definition: SD
Published: 1 Years Ago
Author: cfapps7865

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