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The Two Maxies In The Champs Step Out - Part 1 Video

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Released in theaters on November 15, 1951, this was the third of four shorts in a series, starring ex-prizefighters, Max Baer and Maxie Rosenbloom.

The two Maxies are hired as security muscle by archaeologist Professor Bentley to guard a million dollars worth of antiques and relics in his home.

During the night, both Maxies make a play for the professor's secretary, the luscious Miss Pearson, who is actually working with a gang of crooks planning to rob the place.

She slips them mickey-finns but they come to in time to catch the crooks and save the relics.

Goofy laughs by two of boxing's goofiest personalities !
Duration: 07 Minute, 59 Second
Rating: 0
Definition: SD
Published: 9 Years Ago
Author: MaxiesGal

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