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Pyar Ke Rahi [ 1982 ] - Hindi Movie In Part - 12 / 14 - Kanwaljit Singh - Padmini Kapila Video

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At a dam construction site Contractor Gupta gets attracted towards a working girl named Champa. He can't resist himself and starts getting closer to Champa by giving her candid opportunity to live a good lifestyle and status in city like him. She gets drawn in his false promises and devotes herself completely to him. Few months later Champa get pregnant and pleads Gupta to give name to his child and also requests his colleagues to help her. But everyone turns her down rudely. Will Champa be able to get her right? How will she fight against these people?Watch this interesting movie to know more.

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Duration: 08 Minute, 44 Second
Rating: 0
Definition: HD
Published: 3 Years Ago
Author: Movie TeeV

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