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Allah Ditta Lonay Wala - 1 لے چل سانوں نال وے پنلاہ - Lay Chal Sanoon Wee- Lay Chal Sanu Wee- Punla Video

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Allah Ditta Lonay wala is considered amongst the best punjabi/saraiki folk singer like Mansoor Ali Malangi ,Talib Hussain Dard .He is very well known for his high pitch and his play over his voice ( In our villages in Punjab , we 've families who sing and earn their money I dont want to name it as some of us or them may take in wrong way which I would never mean ) those families 've a knowledge of music which comes down to them from generation to generation and they really know what music is ,they really respect Allah Ditta Lonay wala for his artistic style which no doubt he has . He has a unique way of taking his voice upto a very high level which is his especiality.A very nice man in person with humbleness visible through his face and conversation. He has sung a huge number of very beautiful songs and is still singing with his son Zaheer Lonay wala .
Duration: 09 Minute, 55 Second
Rating: 4.19 - Very Good
Definition: SD
Published: 8 Years Ago
Author: Waqa

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