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10 Hottest Movie Sex Scenes Video

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What makes a sex scene legendary? Is it the chemistry? Realism? Nipples? or Maybe you know it when you actually see it, or do it. Well, with That being said, the best Best Sex Scenes on film, is just a click away from your average Porn Hub video. So here we are with our top ten timeless celebrity sex scenes of all TIME. So grab a beer, grab a bottle of jergens and some tissue, because its about to go down.

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The List: "10 Hottest Movie Sex Scenes"

10. Eyes Wide Shut Sex Scene
9. Unfaithful Sex Scene
8. Blue Valentine Dorm Room Sex Scene
7. Love And Other Drugs Sex Scene
6. Wild Things Pool Sex Scene
5. The Notebook Love Scene
4. The Dreamers Sex Scene
3. Original Sin Sex Scene
2. Titanic Sex Scene
1. Basic Instinct Sex Scene

10 Hottest Movie Sex Scenes

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