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Herman Anderson Water Fuel Car, Lost Video (stanley Meyer) Video

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The way Herman Anderson explains it, deuterium is created in an electrolysis, or, more correctly, radiolysis chamber when deionized or ozonated water (with pH 12 KOH) is hit with 70,000 volts pulsed in a standing wave through a 14" OD soft steel cathode and anode, spaced just over 3" apart. Whether there are other ways of making it, I don't know. But I don't think the world in general knows that it can be made this way. Where's that guy who wanted to make some money? People associate it with the hydrogen bomb, probably thinking it is radioactive, which it is not. Maybe that's why no one has been experimenting with it as fuel for our cars, etc

Herman Anderson declared that his hydrogen ICE was becoming a partial steam engine by the use of micron-sized water injection.

With regard to the danger of the "radiation" from the 70,000 volts, a mechanic came through the museum last month and said that Cadillacs now use a 100,000 volt ignition coil! Obviously there needs to be shielding, and you don't want to get shocked by it; it could be lethal. But what was considered dangerous EM radiation on Herman's car a few years ago is now part of standard ignition equipment on others.

He claimed greater power than gasoline, and 38 miles per gallon of water.
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Published: 4 Years Ago
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