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Tales From The Darkside: The Movie (1990) Video

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Rating: Restricted
Duration: 93 minutes
Genre: Comedy | Fantasy | Horror
Release: May 4, 1990

Directed by John Harrison

Written by Michael McDowell (Lover's Vow and Lot 249), Arthur Conan Doyle (Short Story "Lot 249"), Stephen King (Short story "Cat from Hell") and George A Romero (Cat From Hell)

Debbie Harry
Matthew Lawrence
Christian Slater
Robert Sedgwick
Steve Buscemi
Donald Van Horn
Michael Deak
Julianne Moore)
George Guidall
Kathleen Chalfant
Ralph Marrero
David Johansen
Paul Greeno
William Hickey
Duration: 01 Minute, 45 Second
Rating: 5
Definition: SD
Published: 1 Years Ago
Author: In My VCR

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