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Arangetram Xinying Ng: Varnam Sakhiye Intha Jalam Video

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Arangetram – The Gift by Ng Xinying (9 March 2013)
This is the debut performance in the Indian Classical style of bharatanatyam that announces the arrival of the dancer on the stage, achieving profession standards, after years of training.

Varnam: Sakhiye Intha Jalam Raagam: Shankarabharanam
Taalam: Aadhi Choreograph by: Shankar Kandasamy
Here, the nayikaa pleads with her sakhi and showers her with gifts of her own ornaments. This is symbolic of the devotee surrendering body, mind and wealth to the Guru in ardent devotion.
Duration: 36 Minute, 07 Second
Rating: 4.85 - Excellent
Definition: HD
Published: 2 Years Ago
Author: Ng Xinying

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